Free High Authority Directories Submission Sites List


Free High Authority Directories Submission Sites List


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Looking directory submission sites , so this post will give you good directory submission sites that will help you to get backlinks from various resources. Directory Submission is an Part of SEO. Through Directory Submission We Can improve link popularty of our Websites. So Every One Will Find high pr directory submission site list to Imporve their Site Ranking plus Link popularity. So here is a List of Directory Submission Sites according the Page Rank. We List Here High Authority Dofollow Directories Submission List 2018.

The world is moving towards digital age and with this I must say that Google ha also enhanced the search engine algorithm. Those days are gone where the directory submission process was followed only to increase the website’s backlink profile. Now, the search engine also looks for the intuitive design and the content. So, as the world is moving towards digital, people have found the best way to spam and get the link juice back to their website.

Now, the search engines have become smarter to stop such spams. So, if you are using the directory submission sites only to increase your backlink profile then you are wasting your time. But, if you diversify the process with the social media and guest posting opportunities then you will have the ray of hope of cracking the things in the right way. But, here we are speaking about the directory submission sites then let’s go in deep detail on how it works. Check out:

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So Just Go for it and Submit Your Site to Every Directory.



What are web directory submission websites?

Earlier people use to search the phone books for the contact they are looking for, similarly the search engine look for the directory submission site to search your website. Earlier, Google and Yahoo used to crawl such online directories to search your website. So, if you are registered on such online directories then you can be searched using the directories or the search function.

How do the directory submission sites work?

You have to go and list your website on the directory submission site and then the site will approve and it will add your website details into their database. So, when you want to acquire a backlink for your site it will have the positive efforts towards the effort you have made. This will also increase the visibility among the people. These directories works like the search engines. Search engines have huge database but directories don’t. Also, you should look on the quality of sites listed in particular online directories; if the quality of sites are poor then you are going to have the negative SEO impact.

The types of directory sites

There are various types of directory sites evolved during these many years of SEO. But, it is very important that you get your website registered on the right directory site.

Regular Web listing

This type of directory if free to use and they don’t charge any fee to use it. So, when you list your site then it is not sure that when it is going to be approved because they have the lame staff and administrators to approve those listing request.

Featured web listing

This is the popular web listing directories because these are the high authority directories and it only approves the high authority websites on their directories. you have to pay some fees to get your website listed on these directories. The chances of improving the SEO score are also high when you list your website on these high authority directories.

How to submit your site in a directory?

The first step is to find the right online directory where you can submit your website details. Select the category of the website. Fill up the form with the website details and wait for your website to get approved by the site administrator. Now, to get the faster approval you have to make the payment. Most of the sites, ask you to choose the plan first and once the admin approves it then at that time you pay them.

Why to submit your site to directories?

So, just to submit your website details on the online directories might look awkward and it will have a SEO impact on your website which is also not sure when. But, web directory sites will impact the organic search as the primary ranking factor. For some of the local business owners, it is important for them to list their website in their directories. So, the submission will result in citation. And the successful citation will give the audience the accurate information of those business shops around the location. Another reason to use the directories is to gain user generated reviews. Many directories like Yelp empower their audience to share their experience about the business owners and their website. These reviews are available for the people to read and then opt for the best brands. So, these user generated reviews will also lead for the better business gain opportunities.

What to look for while choosing the online directories?

Domain Authority

You should always look for the domain authority of the site before you go to submit the site on such online directory.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking shows that how many visitors visited on your website. But, the only disadvantage is that only Alexa toolbar users will have their alexa rank recorded in the tool.  

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