Here’s how the new Gmail feature for Android could save you from embarrassment


Here’s how the new Gmail feature for Android could save you from embarrassment


NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google has released the much-needed feature for its Gmail app on Android. Until now the feature was only available for the web version of Gmail. According to a new report, the company has now introduced the same for its Android app.

As reported by Android Police, the Gmail version 8.7 or higher has the feature. Using the feature, users can undo a sent email and can get it removed from the recipient’s inbox. In order to use the feature you just need to follow some simple steps.  
Firstly, open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone. Now you will notice the main screen, where you will find the send button placed at the bottom. Once you click on the send button you will see a black bar. On the left side it will have ‘Sending’ written in white colour and the right side will have an option of ‘Cancel’ written in Yellow colour. In case the email is sent and you miss a chance to cancel it then worry not, the Cancel option will now be replaced with the Undo option. Using the Undo option will enable the user to remove the sent email from receiver’s inbox.

However, users will only have seven to eight seconds to click on the Undo button in order to get the email deleted. Once you click on Undo, you will be directed back to the compose screen so that you can make desired changes in your email before sending it again.

Last week, Google introduced the Gmail confidential mode for its Android and iOS users. Gmail’s ‘Confidential mode’ prevents a mail from being forwarded, copied and downloaded on the desktop or a smartphone. What’s more is that the email can ‘self-destruct’ after a set amount of time. In case the email content is extremely sensitive, one can even lock access for the particular user with an SMS code. 

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