अब नहीं होगा Adsense Disable Wishing Script पर Monetize your Script Without Adsense


How to Monetize Wishing Script Without Adsense 

Let’s start how we can monetize our Wishing Script

There are 2 ways to monetize your wishing script without Adsense 
1.: Create Your Own AD
2.: Use Affiliate Code

1.: Create your Own Ad

 Step 1

  • Create 3 Ad Banners of Size 350  X 80 for Header Side ad section
  • Create 3 Ad Banners of Size 350 X 150 or 350 X 250 for center or bottom side ad section
  • now download the gif creater app from play store and select 1st 3 Ad Banners and create GIF of size 350 X 80 as shown below.
  • Now select another AD Banner and Create GIF of size 350 X 150 or 350 X 250 which ever you wish to create as shown below.
For Header Side AD
For Center or Bottom Side AD

Step 2

Open Google and search for some topics (funny, Jobs etc.)
Now go to URL Shorten website and short the url you wish.

Step 3 

Login to your Blogger 
Create New Post
Type the Title Images
upload the created GIF Images and insert into post
Now Right Click on the Header Ad and open it in new TAB
Now select the URL of the Images
Step 4

Open the Wishing Script
Click the Place where you wish to insert AD
Copy below Codes and Paste
<a href=”PASTE SHORTER URL”><img src=” Paste IMAGE URL HERE “></a>
replace the url 
now upload the script into blogger

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Video Guide

2.: Use Affiliate Code for  Ad

Step 1

Create Affiliate Account on Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal etc.
Login to affiliate Account
Go to Product Banner
Select the Size 350 X 250

Now Copy the HTML Code and paste it into Script 

 So, I hope you all will like this trick to Monetize your Wishing Script and now no matter how many people Click on your AD. 

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