DUSSEHRA PRO PHP Dynamic Wishing Script

Happy Dussehra

  DUSSEHRA PRO PHP Dynamic Wishing Script

Hello Friends

Download Dussehra PRO PHP Dynamic Wishing ScriptHello Friends, Kaise ho saab, Aaj mai aap logo ke liye laya hu Dussehra Pro Dynamic PHP ka Whatsapp & Facebook Viral Script in Two version 1st is Free and Blogger pe vi Chalega, and 2nd Paid jo ki Srif Hosting pe Chalega.




Download Dussehra Pro Dynamic Whatsapp Viral Script

Pro Script is only for those who has hosting space free or paid, in this script some extra features are available like Dynamic Design, Auto Background Music, Share with Name etc.

Here is Step by Step Video guide for your reference. Same setup you have to do for Dussehra

PRO Script Features
1: Pro Design.
2: Dynamic PHP Script
3: Send Wish with your Name
4: Background Music
5: Earn by Placing Ads
1: Free or Paid Hosting
2: Fully Approved Adsense account in case of earning
How to Install:
1: Purchase and download the Script
2: unzip the script
3: Make Changes as described in the video
4: upload the all files to hosting pannel
Good Luck you are done

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Download Script for Blogger



Here is the Blogger Script Step by Step Video Guide.


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Note: – You can earn huge money from Whatsapp shareable wishing sites, it’s also called Event blogging, for more information about this theme you need to watch this video till end, so you can understand how it works.




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