HTML Self Closing Tags


HTML Self Closing Tags

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In this article we are going to learn about html self closing tags.

Definition – What does Self-Closing Tag mean?

A self-closing tag is an element of HTML code that has evolved in the language. Typically, the self-closing tag makes use of a “/” character in order to effectively close out a beginning tag enclosed in sideways carets.

As we all know there are many html tags and also many html self closing tags but we will take a look on very few which are used most.

Let’s start the html self closing tags.

<br> which is used to break the line and when we use this <br> this tag break the line and also if we use 2 or more time it add blank space.

<hr> tag which is used to break the page with line as you have seen in the video and <hr> tag is also used while making the menu.

<img> tag is used to insert the image and <img> tag is also a self closing tag.

There are many other HTML Self Closing Tags Click here to see all

Below is the coding for reference

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My name is manjit </title>

<a href=”register.html”>Register</a>

<img href=”PASTE IMAGE URL” width=”150″ height=”100″>

<a href=”file:///D:/website/web%20designing%20course/qqqq.html”><li>Apple 1</li></a>
<li>jit 1</li><br>
<li>jit 2</li><hr>
<li>Apple 2</li>
<li>Apple 3</li>


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